The EFP Stove Guard is an innovative safety devicethat effectively prevents fires on stoves/cookers


EFP Stove Guard is an innovative safety device that effectively prevents fire on Stoves/cookers

  • Stove fires are the most frequent cause of fire in domestic homes
  • Stove guards will prevent most stove fires
  • Stove guards can be installed as part of a smart home solution, or as a standalone "plug & play" product
  • Get a stove guard for you and your family today!


EFP Nordic AS is one of the world's largest supplier of stove guards for the elderly and disabled

  • We have installed over 150.000 stove guards in the nordic countries
  • We are the prefered supplier for stove guards to the Norwegian Government
  • Other key customers are Eaton Electric, Schneider Electric and Dixon Group.
  • With our experience and expertise in this industry you can be sure we will deliver high quality products only.


A stove guard comes in two parts: one part which monitors the hob, and one part which is either hidden behind the stove or installed in the fuse box. If the monitor unit detects a risk of fire on the hob, the stove guard emits a warning. If no one reacts to the alarm, it turns off the power to the stove.

When you fit an approved stove guard and use it correctly, you significantly reduce the risk of fire.

There are different types of stove guard on the market, and the quality of older stove guards tends to vary a great deal. The new European standard, EN 50615, aims to ensure that stove guards react to situations that could lead to a fire, while not giving false alarms and cutting off the electricity unnecessarily. If you buy a new stove guard, it’s important to make sure that it complies with this standard.

Stove guards with a plug and socket (fixed stove guard) can be installed by anyone. The type that has a switch in the fuse box must be installed by an electrician.

In Norway, most insurance companies give discounts on insurance premiums if you have installed an approved stove guard. Talk to your insurance company about what schemes they have regarding stove guards.

Induction hobs are safer than traditional stoves. But because fires often start in a pan that has been left on the hob too long, fires can still start on an induction hob. Legal requirement to stove guards apply independent of type of hob.

Most stove fires start during the day and tend to affect elderly people, but most deaths are caused by fires that start at night. This tends to mean young people who are under the influence of alcohol.

In the past, stove guards were not subject to any technical requirements. This meant that they varied in quality. Standard EN 50615 now ensures that stove guards do not give false alarms, but that they react when there is a risk of fire on the hob. However, an older stove guard is better than nothing.

In Norway, the authorities recommend that everyone gets a stove guard that complies with the new standard.

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